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IPAN Works To Create A Humane Community For Animals

IPAN's animal refuge is situated in the heart of South India's Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, and our work on behalf of the animals of India reaches out to villages and animals throughout the area.

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In India, the suffering of animals is intimately linked with the marginalization and poverty of the indigenous peoples. Addressing these linkages is part of the work of IPAN.
One of the cruelest spectacles in India: A wild Sun bear is tightly muzzled and has his nose impaled with an iron ring so he can be forced to "dance."
This young bull was clubbed with a spiked board which pierced his eye. IPAN surgically removed "Ramu's" eye and gave him permanent sanctuary.

There Is No Other Place On Earth Like This

"Here at Hill View Farm is a facility and refuge exclusively designated for the care and welfare of domestic animals in the heart of one of the richest wildlife regions in India, and in one of the most culturally and biologically diverse places on Earth."

Project Consultant Dr. Michael W. Fox
India's wildlife is being exploited, too. Above, a Bonnett Macaque monkey is taken from the wild and held by a permanent neck chain for public amusement. Treating a monkey with electrocution burns.
A crippled horse and a sick and starving bullock are forced to work in defiance of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of India, clearly indicating the need for more law enforcement.
A pregnant cow collapses after a 100-mile march to slaughter. She will be beaten and hot chili peppers will be rubbed into her eyes to force her up. If this fails to raise her, she will be thrown in a pile on a truck with other injured, exhausted animals and finally dumped at the slaughter house. Another cow like the one above, at the end of the line after days of torture on the death march to slaughter. She will have her throat cut and slowly bleed to death.

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