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IPAN has developed videos and other humane educational materials for school children and other training videos to teach farmers basic animal husbandry and disease prevention. Children always gather when we treat animals in the streets where our work demonstrates the humane principles we bring to local schools.

Another important function of IPAN is providing animal welfare law enforcement training to individuals who serve as humane law enforcement agents, and to familiarize local authorities with India's Constitutional mandate and various laws concerning animal and environmental protection.
IPAN Director Deanna Krantz with school children.

The Need Is Enormous, But We Are Seeing Results

"...What impressed me most of all, and affirmed the importance of IPAN, was seeing how sick animals, once provided proper treatment and care, responded; and how the villagers, especially the children, expressed their joy and wonder when these recovered animals greeted us with such obvious gratitude and love whenever we came into their village."

Project Consultant Dr. Michael W. Fox

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